How do I know if my Battery is charged?

How do I know if my battery is charged?

This is a question we get asked a lot in store, so we created this video to answer it. If you have any questions that remain unanswered, please contact us, or visit us in store.


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Holden Colorado Battery Terminal Fix!

We have the fix for Holden Colorado battery terminal clamps. The original clamps can come loose at the most inopportune time. Problem solved with our brass items. Absolute Batteries can fit these for you while you wait.

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It’s our Birthday and we have something new for you








IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY. Absolute Batteries Toowoomba has been open for 4 years. Just in time for our birthday, a new product has arrived that we are happy to share with you. Projecta has released their new dual battery management system, the IDC45, which is capable of 45Amps output for 12 volt systems. It is a DC/BC type dual battery isolator with a solar controller built in. This what you need if you wish to charge multiple deep cycle batteries in your 4×4 or caravan. This unit is also compatible with current smart charging systems which you will find in the new Toyota Hilux & Landcruiser, BT50 and others. Come and see us or give us a call for more information. You can also send us a message via Facebook.