Victron BluePower IP65 Chargers

Victron Blue Smart Chargers are one of, if not the best home and workshop battery chargers available on the market.

We use them here in the shop, and rely on them to work hard every day for us, charging and rejuvenating batteries, as well as a display for our customers.

Some of the features of the Victron Blue Power series that sets them apart from many other battery chargers are:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 7-Step Smart Charging
  • Recovery of fully “dead” batteries
  • Automatic Storage / Power Supply mode
  • Extreme cold performance
  • Low-power mode for smaller batteries
  • Lithium-Ion Specific Charging pattern
  • Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones and tablets
  • Over 95% efficiency

These chargers are also fully sealed, and IP65 water rated!

We keep in stock 12v versions of the Victron Blue Power Smart Chargers, including the 4amp, 7amd, 10 and 15 amp versions. These are the most commonly used 12v Victron Blue Power Smart Battery Chargers. They are easy to use, require very little user input or previous knowledge, and have various safety features built-in that add to their fool-proof design and functionality.

  • Short Circut Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Temperature Shutoff
  • No fan or moving parts
  • Water, Dust and Chemical resistance (IP65 Rating)


Want to know more about Victron Blue Power? Call (07) 4632 2722 or visit the store @ 61 Clifford Street Toowoomba.