Stop/Start Batteries


Is your car fitted with Stop/Start technology?

This may be known as i-Stop, Smart Start or SkyActiv.

It’s a great feature, and helps to reduce emisisons, and lower fuel consumption in modern passenger and commercial vehicles, but it also is very hard on batteries. Start/Stop technology draws current from your battery when the vehicle is sitting at the lights with the engine off. That means your battery has to run the lights, wipers, cooling and heating systems, as well as accessories, GPS, Stereo and Bluetooth without the alternator putting charge back in to the battery. This means you need a battery specifically designed for the job.




Lion 4 Series EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) are designed to cope with the rigors of Stop/Start. They are tougher in every way, and are one of the best Stop/Start rated batteries on the market today, as well as one of the best value for money.

Also available:




Delkor EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) which offer a good alternative for Stop/Start vehicles.




Mixtech EMX Series, which recycle their own electrolyte to combat acid stratification (Mixtech Batteries)


If you think your car has Stop/Start technology equipped, and are in the market for a new battery, trust the experts at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba today to help you find the right replacement for your vehicle.