Lion Batteries

Lion Starting Batteries are a Global Yuasa product, built from the ground up using high quality materials and strict quality control. Each Lion battery is designed to maximize performance and service life, without breaking the bank, making them the best value for money battery on the market.

Lion batteries deliver tough starting, and excellent CCA ratings across their entire product range.

From budget through to premium and commercial grade batteries, Lion have got you covered.



Lion Range:

Lion 4 Series – 30 Month Warranty

This is the top tier Lion product. They are designed to cope with vibration, demanding starting, and to perform consistently throughout their lifetime.


Lion 3 Series – 24 Month Warranty

This is the Lion mid-range product. Catering to budget applications, or applications where a higher turnover or use time limitations apply.


Lion 2 Series – 18 Month Warranty

2 Series Lion batteries are the entry-level Lion product. Designed for light-duty commercial vehicles, where battery turnover and time limitations apply, as well as passenger vehicles where heavy starting is not a requirement.