Starting Batteries


Lion Batteries offer a complete range of quality Global Yuasa built products. Produced in South Korea with high grade materials and quality control, Lion Batteries are designed to handle tough environments, demanding starting requirements, and are build to last in the modern vehicle.

Lion batteries offer starting batteries, deep cycle, marine, AGM and specialty equipment batteries for all applications.

Mixtech Batteries are a premium quality battery that won’t break the bank. With Mixtech, you get a battery that is designed to last in Australian conditions, with the benefit of new technology that helps keep your battery healthy and fighting fit.

Mixtech offers starting batteries for cars, trucks, commercial and heavy vehicles, as well as 4×4’s and even start/stop vehicles.

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Delkor Batteries Offer a good quality product backed by great warranty. Powerful starting for passenger, commercial and machinery. Rely on Delkor for your Commercial and Machinery needs.





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The top-of-the-line Silver Dynamic range offers the best power and technology you can get. If you’re looking for a premium battery to run your higher-end vehicle with huge energy demands, the Varta Silver Dynamic batteries have the unmatched performance and unrivaled endurance you need. These high end batteries are installed as OEM in Honda, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Land Rover and Volvo in Automotive and Start/Stop uses. The

If you depend on your car to start every time, with superior power and lasting performance, the best choice is Silver Dynamic Varta.