Starting Batteries

Do you want a good car battery with a long warranty? Do you want a powerful truck battery that is going to last? Maybe you should consider a Delkor Car battery for your automotive and machinery needs. 

Delkor car and truck starting batteries are a powerful maintenance free calcium battery with a two and a half year warranty in private applications. Solid construction with wrought calcium alloy grids that delivers lower resistance which means more power and a longer lifespan. Along with other impressive technology including flame arresters, liquid gas separators and built in hydrometers on the entire range means that Delkor batteries will go the extra mile. Delkor batteries are found as original equipment in Kia’s, Daewoo, Hyundai and can also be found as original equipment in Audi, Daihatsu, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes and many more. Delkor batteries are ideal for the every day common cars like Toyota Camry’s, Four Wheel Drives such as Land Cruisers or BT-50’s, and even highly unusual batteries found in the Hyundai Veloster. Delkor batteries also feature a starting AGM range to suit any of the modern Start/Stop vehicles such as the Mazda SkyActiv series. If you need some exact specs, or want to check out the dimensions of your battery scope it out here.Want the best? Demand Delkor.


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The top-of-the-line Silver Dynamic range offers the best power and technology you can get. If you’re looking for a premium battery to run your higher-end vehicle with huge energy demands, the Varta Silver Dynamic batteries have the unmatched performance and unrivaled endurance you need. These high end batteries are installed as OEM in Honda, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Land Rover and Volvo in Automotive and Start/Stop uses. The

If you depend on your car to start every time, with superior power and lasting performance, the best choice is Silver Dynamic Varta.

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Lion Batteries offer a complete range of quality South Korean made battery products for all automotive, marine, agriculture, deep cycle and specialty purposes. With Lion Batteries you can have confidence in using quality batteries with proved performance supported by a technically competent and customer focused Australian owned family company. Lion Batteries are available in 3 Calcium/Calcium ranges, Lion Black conventional low maintenance, Lion Blue economy sealed maintenance free and Lion Red premium sealed maintenance free.

Lion, The King of Batteries.



Besco vehicle batteries are solid Australian made range of batteries that come from Carole Park in Brisbane. Built locally, these batteries have been a mainstay of Falcon’s and Commodore’s for years and are built to the same standard and quality that people have come to expect from Century Australia. If you want a good aussie made battery then a Besco is the way to go.