Solar Panels & Accessories

 Heading out of town for a few days and need a portable solar panel? Do you need a fold up solar panel for your fridge or stand alone solar panels for your motorhome?

Projecta Solar Panel Solar Panels Fold out Regulator battery charger

We stock a wide range of Projecta Solar Panels and accessories including fold out panels with bags ready to go along with regulators both big and small. If you’re heading out and want to stay someplace for a week then a fold out panel is usually the way to go in either 80w or 120w sizes along with a good deep cycle battery. If you have any questions regarding this sort of thing don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Voltech Solar Panel Solar Panels Solar Regulator Charge controller


Absolute Batteries Toowoomba also has a large range of quality Voltech solar panels from 5w up to 200w and solar charge controllers (regulators) and good quality pure sine wave inverters suitable for your small camping needs up to mobile industrial use.