Power Inverters

Absolute Batteries Toowoomba supplies and fits DC to AC Power Inverters.

For running things as simple as phone chargers and laptops, to commercial-grade equipment, such as refrigeration, heating, cooking, food processing etc.

There are a lot of things you can do with an inverter. Imagine having the same power that comes from your wall socket at home – in your car! (Or camper, caravan, etc) This is the beauty of AC Power Inverters!

Want to run a toaster or kettle? No worries, but just remember, there are always limitations. A heating element draws a LOT of power and can overload most Modified Sine Wave Inverters. For these applications, look for a Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

What is the difference between Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave?

Both types of Sine Wave Inverter will provide power to AC Devices. However, Pure Sine is better in the regard that it is equal to (or better than!) the quality of power that comes from your home.

Modified Sine Wave AC power is perfectly fine for more simple electronics or anything that ultimately has a DC power output – Like a phone charger, laptop charger, etc. But may damage more complex electronic devices.

<– Pure Sine Wave (Blue) vs. Modified Sine Wave (Red) – the difference visually represented, similar to comparing analog (curved) and digital signals (sharp).




If you are unsure which Inverter type you should use – Modified or Pure – Err on the side of caution, and ask the team @ Absolute Batteries Toowoomba by calling (07) 4632 2722 or visiting us @ 61 Clifford Street Toowoomba QLD 4350. sales@abattery.com.au