Phone Batteries

Telephone batteries come in a variety of styles and sizes depending on your needs and the needs of the phone in question, and Absolute Batteries Toowoomba is here to help you. From Satellite phones, Mobile Phones, Cordless phones or even just the internal phones or headset communication devices common in call centers and large businesses, Absolute Batteries Toowoomba can supply these various batteries from a variety of high quality manufacturers and suppliers.



Stoltz Absolute Batteries Toowoomba

Established in 1994 Stoltz batteries have always had quality as their number one goal in the battery packs they manufacture and source. With a product range that varies from drill batteries to mobile phone batteries and everything in between, their focus on quality over price ensures their faith in their products. Stoltz battery packs are now being made with the high quality Panasonic brand batteries and their standard twelve month warranty on their products is one of the longest warranties on the market for these type of batteries.


Master Instruments Absolute Batteries Toowoomba


A company with its beginnings in 1942, Master Instruments has one of the largest product ranges in the specialist battery manufacture/supplier market. With a range that includes specialty chargers for uncommon devices and their batteries as well as specific knowledge that began a relationship with the Australian Defence forces that continues to this day, Master Instruments is one of the largest specalist battery suppliers in Australia.