Prolube Oil and Lubricants

Prolube Lubricants was formed in 1988 to formulate and blend a range of automotive, earthmoving, industrial and agricultural lubricants and greases. Specifically created for Australian conditions while meeting the most stringent of Australian and international standards. Prolube Lubricants remains wholly Australian owned and operates out of a newly constructed state-of-the-art blending facility in Brisbane QLD, Australia.

Prolube’s QLD plant offers a range of products, including petrol engine oilsdiesel engine oilstransmission fluidsgear oilshydraulic fluids and a diverse range of specialist products which includes Greases, Cleaners and Solvents and much more. 

Check out the Prolube Australia oil finder by following this link for help in finding the oil to suit your needs


Product Guide.

Syntegra – Synthetic Series.

Technically advanced engine oils, differential and transmission fluids developed to meet today’s advanced automotive requirements and heavy duty long drain transmission and differential service intervals.

  • Syntegra Eziflow  5W20            GF5
  • Syntegra                 5W30 C3      SN CF 
  • Syntegra                 5W40 C3      SN CF
  • Syntegra                 10W50 C3    C14 SJ
  • Syntegra                 10W60          SM CF
  • Syntegra                 5W30            A5B5
  • Syntegra                 5W30            C1                 
  • Syntegra                 5W30            VW 507 00


Gear Oils

  • Syntegra                 75W85           GL-4
  • Syntegra                 75W90           GL-5
  • Syntegra                 75W140         GL-5
  • Syntegra           SAE50/85W90    GL-5



HVX Passenger Car Engine Oil  Series

The PROLUBE range of proven performance high quality mineral and semi-synthetic passenger car engine oils that provide excellent protection for your engine.

  • HVX 2000               20W50         SG-CD
  • HVX 3000               25W60         SG-CD
  • HVX 4000               20W50         SN
  • HVX 5000               40W70         SG
  • HVX Multi-V          10W30         SN
  • HVX MS                  15W50          SL-CF
  • HVX Turbo             15W50          CI-4 SL
  • Multitec                 10W40          SN 


Fleet Diesel Engine Oil Series

Prolude heavy duty diesel synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils will provide the level of protection and performance required for your work horse.

  • Euromax             10W40                 ACEA E9-10
  • UltraPlus            15W40                 CJ-4 SM
  • Ultra Fleet          15W40                 CI-4 SM
  • MaxiFleet            15W40                 CG-4 SL
  • HVX Turbo         15W50                 CI-4 SL
  • Euro Fleet           15W40                 CI-4
  • J-Fleet                  15W40                 CI-4
  • Monotec              SAE30, 40, 50   CD SF
  • GMX                     SAE 40, 50          CF2



Automax Transmission Fluid Series

Prolube offers mineral and synthetic Transmission fluids. Automax combines the latest and most advanced technology available to meet the arduous requirements of modern transmissions. Prolube’s Automax series of transmission fluids also includes improved formulations for early model transmissions.

  • Automax IID
  • Automax IIID
  • Automax CVT
  • Automax DCT
  • Automax F4 85/95
  • Automax MTS
  • Automax 6