Easter Bunny can’t help you with batteries.










The Easter Bunny can’t help you with batteries, but Absolute Batteries Toowoomba can. Whether you need batteries for your camping, fishing or boating trip or just need one for the car. Absolute Batteries is the Easter destination before you go to your Easter destination.

For your (or maybe even the kids) entertainment you could also print out the above picture and colour away.

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Make sure your tinny is in top shape before you go!






If you are going to take the boat out these Easter holidays, give it a good service before you go to have a hassle free time on the water. Absolute Batteries Toowoomba can service outboard motors as well as give your tinny or boat the once over and install new electronics. If it needs a new starting battery or deep cycle we have plenty of options. If you have a problem with your boat and want to use it before Easter, give us a call!

Going away for the Easter Holidays?







Drive into Absolute Batteries Toowoomba for your free battery test before you go away these Easter Holidays. We can test Automotive and Deep Cycle batteries while you wait. We also have replacements for sale for all common sizes whatever your holiday needs are.

Don’t leave it to the last minute, come in and see Absolute Batteries Toowoomba today!

New 25Hp Mercury









Proud new owner of a 25Hp Mercury supplied by Absolute Batteries Toowoomba.

Victron Bluesmart Battery Chargers.









Victron Bluesmart Battery Chargers are ideal for applications that need water and dust resistance as well as small physical size. With the ability to talk to your phone thanks to the Bluetooth capability, these chargers can be installed and hidden away in your caravan, boat or camper trailer. With full access and control to your charging system through your phone, you can check it any time you need to.

Victron Bluesmart chargers also come with other features like:

  • Water, dust and chemical resistant
  • Seven step smart charge algorithm
  • Recovery of fully discharged ‘dead’ batteries
  • Automatic power supply function
  • Severe cold performance: down to -30°C
  • Several other battery life enhancing features
  • Low power mode to charge smaller batteries
  • Li-ion battery mode
  • Setup and configure, readout of voltage and current by Bluetooth Smart

If you have any questions about the Victron range of automatic battery chargers follow this link to a PDF for some specs, or drop into the store at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba or give us a call.