NBN Batteries

Do you hear beeping? That could be your NBN system telling you that your battery in the backup is past due for replacement.


If you hear this sound and are sick of it, come into Absolute Batteries today to get your new NBN battery, to give you peace of mind that your NBN system will continue working – even if there’s a blackout! (And NO BEEPING!)


Prices for NBN Batteries start at $27.50, with the Drypower NBN Specific Broadband batteries only $39.95


Please see a helpful video below on how to replace your NBN Battery yourself! Or, if you don’t feel confident enough to get it done, call us on (07) 4632 2722 and we can come out and fit a new battery for you. Delivery and fitment within Toowoomba is only $33.00 (Plus the cost of whatever battery you choose). For outer lying suburbs, please call us for a quote!


G!) For all your other battery needs, visit us in store @ 61 Clifford Street Toowoomba! We are here to help.