Marine Batteries

 Do you need a marine battery you can rely on out on the water? A boat battery that will stand up to the waves and water and the stresses marine batteries need to withstand?

Century Lead Antimony Marine Deep Cycle Automotive

Century Yuasa wet lead acid marine batteries offer a high quality lead antimony batteries suitable for solar applications as well as any other deep cycle use. With a lower internal resistance than similarly sized calcium batteries, charging them is easier which means they’re more suited to under bonnet applications or for use with solar panels. Solid construction and good vibration and shock resistance with the platelock system means that a Century deep cycle is a perfect addition to your weekend fishing trip or under bonnet dual battery system. 

Interstate Deep Cycle Marine Automotive


Interstate batteries are an American designed, American import that is renowned throughout the United States as being one of the best batteries you can buy. Powerful and long lasting, these deep cycle batteries hallmark is their quality and their forward thinking construction. Interstate Batteries are perfect for use with a electric motor on a boat or used with a travel fridge on weekends away. Paired with a good Schumacher battery charger, a Interstate deep cycle will give you years of service.