In Store Battery Replacement

We will fit your battery for you in store for no additional cost!

Simply pay for the battery you chose, and a team member will fit it to your vehicle for you.

This is beneficial with almost all modern vehicles equipped with a PCM, ECU or engine computer. The sensitive electronics in your vehicle are susceptible to voltage spikes, shorts, and even power disconnections. The equipment we have in store (As well as in our delivery vehicle) connects to your vehicle’s on-board computer, and supplies non-stop power to the whole system, ensuring you don’t even have to reset your clock!

We will also perform a battery charging system check, including alternator, cabling, battery terminals and leads. All of our staff are mechanically minded, and will be able to spot trouble for you before it becomes a problem.

Should any error codes be present in your vehicles computer system, we are also able to diagnose trouble codes, and point you in the right direction to get them addressed.