Fullriver Hardcore Batteries for high performance cars.

Fullriver Hardcore Batteries Absolute Batteries Toowoomba






Fullriver Hardcore AGM’s are ideal for anything with plenty of cubes under the bonnet. With Absorbed Glass Mat technology providing high cranking amps combined with cyclic capacity and low self discharge rate, Fullriver HC series batteries are ideal for your beast. These bullet proof batteries are perfect for show cars, drag cars, high performance vehicles, custom modified and automotive restoration projects.

These are just some of the benefits with Fullriver Hardcore batteries:

  • Protective steel casing with black powder-coat finish (with exeception to some models)
  • Non-spillable AGM – no corrosion
  • Safe for installation in race cars and motorsports applications
  • Can be mounted in any direction (excluding upside-down)
  • Low-profile sizes for limited space applications
  • Low self-discharge, less than 3% per month at 25C
  • Low resistance design – ideal for both starting and cycling
  • High-rate discharge – high current power delivery
  • Deep-discharge with excellent recovery – rapid recharge acceptance

Fullriver Hardcore batteries are available in a wide variety of standardized sizes and are in stock now at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba. Have any questions about Fullriver Hardcore? Drop into the store or give us a call.