FAQ / Info Videos.

Our page of frequently asked questions, if you have a suggestion as to something that should go on here let us know at Sales@abattery.com.au .

What sort of Batteries do you stock?

-Everything! From the smallest coin cell in your watch up to your big truck batteries to solar system deep cycles and if it isn’t in stock we’ll happily order it in for you.

Do you just stock batteries?

-No, we also do solar panels and associated gear along with dual battery systems and portable power solutions and specialized batteries.

Can you design solar systems?

-Yes to suit applications both big and small.

Do you install dual battery systems?

-Yes, both hardwired systems and removable boxes.

What times are you open?

-8am to 5pm weekdays and 8am to 2pm Saturdays

Do I have to make an appointment to have a battery fitted to my car?

-Absolutely not, you’re more than welcome to drop in any time and we’ll fit your battery while you wait.

How long does it take to fit a battery to my car?

-Most automotive battery changes usually take about 10 to fifteen minutes, sometimes less.

Do you stock race car batteries?

-We specifically stock the Fullriver Hardcore range along with Deka Intimidator series for all your racing battery needs. These batteries are full AGM type batteries and will comply with most racing regulations. 

Do you have rechargeable batteries and battery chargers?

-Here at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba we have rechargable batteries for countless applications ranging from toys, hobbies and gaming all the way through to industrial and commercial applications

Do you have batteries for my cordless telephone or mobile phone?

-We stock a large array of both mobile phone and cordless telephone batteries. If we don’t have the battery suitable for your model it is only a day or two away. 

What sort of accessories do you stock?

-All sorts from battery boxes to terminal cleaners as well as solar regulators, inverters, battery chargers, fuse blocks and much more!