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If you choose to install your own battery it is important to clean your battery clamps and terminals (Lead Posts). A dirty terminal can create high resistance which can cause unreliability at best or at worst totally melt the terminal off your battery. Sounds extreme, but we have seen lots of cases of dirty terminal clamps and lead oxide on the terminals leading to a  melted or damaged terminal. It can be repairable, but more often than not totally destroys your battery. Prevention is easy. We carry several types of terminal cleaning tools in the store, a popular model being the Projecta Post and Terminal cleaner. For about $5 you have a tool to  clean the inside of the terminal clamps and also clean the lead posts on the battery. For those who like to get more serious with their tools, we carry trade quality terminal / post cleaners. For more information contact the friendly staff at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba.