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If you want the best battery available for your deep cycle needs, come see Absolute Batteries Toowoomba about Lead Crystal Batteries today. Designed for extreme conditions and intense cycling for critical applications, Lead Crystal batteries offer:

  • Standard Three Year factory warranty across the range.
  • Long shelf life
  • Long battery life, up to 6000 cycles at 20% DoD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Quick charging, charges up to two times faster than conventional alternatives.
  • Full recovery: Can be 100% discharged and then restored to full rated capacity daily.
  • Non-spillable and classified as normal goods, non-hazardous.

For the Lead Crystal range and specifications follow this link to the Lead Crystal Batteries PDF or if you would like to visit the Lead Crystal Batteries website you can follow this link to Betta Batteries.




Fullriver Deep Cycle Standby AGM Starter Gel Nonspillable

After some Deep Cycle Batteries for your caravan? Or batteries for your camper trailer, RV or a motorhome battery? Do you need UPS batteries in all shapes and sizes or storage batteries for your industrial applications?

Fullriver Deep Cycle AGM batteries are ideal for applications that require sealed batteries with heavy-duty cycling capabilities or backup power. Heavy duty thick lead-calcium alloy grids mean superior corrosion resistance and longer lifespan combined with incredible vibration/shock resistance means that these maintenance free AGM batteries are ready for the harshest environments or applications. If you’re planning a long term trip around Australia or just going out for the weekend, the best AGM you can buy is a Fullriver.


Fullriver Deep Cycle AGM Gel Standby


Fullriver DC series of batteries is designed for the heaviest duty conditions while cycling.

-Long Lifespan. 450 cycles at 75% depth of discharge.

-Totally sealed. Will not leak and can be placed on its side. 

-Wide range of sizes. Everything from 7AH to 1150AH

-Low self discharge means incredible shelf life. 


Fullriver HGL AGM Gel Standby

Fullriver HGL series is designed for long term standby use, perfect for backup generators or UPS systems.

-Sealed construction, no electrolyte leakage

-Low self discharge rate

-Specially designed lead-calcium alloy for high corrosion resistance

-Massive range of 6v and 12v to suit any standard SLA fitment.



Trojan Batteries lineup Absolute Batteries Toowoomba

Trojan batteries are one of the most well known names in the battery industry, with products to suit hundreds of different applications from golf carts, forklifts, industrial cleaners, industrial floor polishers, solar systems. Since 1925 Trojan batteries have been designed and built in the United States, pioneering the golf cart battery in 1952 in conjunction with Autoette, and continuing that legacy to this day. Absolute Batteries Toowoomba is your local Authorized Trojan dealer, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call. If you would like to know more about Trojan batteries history, check out video below. If you would like to know more about the manufacturing process that goes into a Trojan battery, check out the second video.


US Battery Absolute Batteries Toowoomba


US Batteries are genuine American designed and built batteries focusing on Deep Cycles specifically. Ideally for Golf Carts that require banks of 6v or 8v cells or solar systems with batteries in multiple banks, or even caravans or camper trailer installations that do not require AGM/GEL batteries. US Battery deep cycle batteries are made to a high standard of quality and they are constantly looking to improve their technology to ensure they have one of the best batteries in the world. If you would like to know more about the US Battery Manufacturing Company and their manufacturing process, check out the video below.

US Battery XC2 Cross section Absolute Batteries Toowoomba