Custom Built Products

Over the years we have found that not all scenarios have products that can be used from the “shelf”. That is why Absolute Batteries offers a custom fabrication service. We can build battery racks and trays, battery hold down brackets to suit your needs.








Solar battery bank and 240volt Inverter. Custom built battery rack for a solar system in a food van. Currently, the rack holds 6 x 100Ah AGM batteries for a total capacity of 600Ah at 12 volts. The rack has been designed so that 6 x 120Ah AGMs will fit for a total capacity of 720Ah.








Solar system doubled in capacity for Irrigator. Custom fabricated battery tray and 44Ah AGM battery, which replaced the original tray and the original 20Ah battery, doubling the capacity. The solar panel was also replaced, with a new bracket and a panel of twice the output.









Commercial Grade Jump-start Trolly Custom built Commercial Grade Jump-Start trolly capable of carrying batteries up to an N70ZZ size case. It also has a few extra features like a built-in isolator, for additional safety and a battery maintenance charger.