Coach Builders meet Industrialization.

1928 Chevrolet Chev AB Delivery Coach built Absolute Batteries Toowoomba






While (a lot) slower than the Lotus Elise that went on the Wall of Fame  our last post, this blue collar workhorse from yesteryear is no less stylish. The restoration can only be described as a labour of love. As the automobile came of age two worlds met. While showing coach building heritage with its wooden construction of the cab and body, the industrial pragmatism of 1928 America is plain to see. If you would like to know more about this 1928 Chevrolet AB National (Delivery) follow this link to our Wall of Fame. 

Another visit from the 1960’s…

1966 Ford Fairlane GTA 390






The Ford Fairlane was meant to be the family car. But this 1966 GTA 390 Hardtop, with its back street racer looks, doesn’t seem to be designed to be the average family grocery getter. To check out other cars on our website, follow this link.