Thinking about solar? We can help.

Absolute Batteries Toowoomba has years of experience in solar systems and the associated components. A valued customer of ours was kind enough to share with us some photos of his DIY solar system. All of the equipment, along with some system design advice, was supplied by Absolute Batteries Toowoomba. Helping our DIY solar installer to assemble an effective and good quality standalone solar system on a misers budget. The system is capable of supplying 4.4 Kw/hrs per day with the ability of easy expansion in the future.


Solar Batteries US2200 deep cycle Absolute Batteries ToowoombaSolar Batteries connections US2200 deep cycle Absolute Batteries ToowoombaSolar Panels Roof Mount Absolute Batteries Toowoomba

The bank of 6v 232AH US2200 deep cycle batteries can be expanded easily if the needs of the system grow.

Cotek Solar Inverter Pure Sine wave Absolute Batteries Toowoomba

This Cotek pure sine wave inverter is ideal for small scale systems such as the one pictured above. If you have any questions regarding solar power generation drop into the store or give us a call at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba.

Absorbed Glass Mat deep cycle batteries.

If you’re heading out on the water or going camping or even just getting away from it all, you need a good battery you can rely on.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are a completely sealed, nonspillable battery that can be used in a variety of applications. Deep Cycle batteries like the Fullriver ones pictured are ideal for when you cannot run the risk of an acid spill or have them in a location where the gasses produced by a wet battery will be dangerous. With incredibly solid construction, they are very resistant to vibration and shock and with proper care they can have a very long service life and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Don’t forget our special on the Power AGM 130Ah deep cycles either! 130Ah 12v AGM for $350 including GST.

Have any questions about deep cycles or AGM batteries? Contact us here.

This special has ended on 1/1/2015.

Fold out Solar panels.

Thinking about going away this holiday season? Take a fold out solar panel with you to keep your fridge going!

Simple and effective, fold out solar panels have become the solution for camping or day trips throughout Australia. With travel fridges becoming very common in people’s travel plans, the ability to keep them running has become essential.  With the ability to keep a 50-60 liter fridge going, an 80 watt panel has become a cheap, easily transportable, and rugged solution to power generation.

These fold out panels are simple to use and operate and literally come ready to go out of the bag. Fold them out, face them north and clip it onto your deep cycle battery and it starts to work. They are best used from approximately  9am till about 3pm in the afternoon for maximum power generation. While they do come in a variety of sizes, the most popular ones are the 80 watt and 120 watt styles to suit your needs and Absolute Batteries Toowoomba stocks them in the reliable Projecta brand.

Have any questions? Give us a call down at the store or drop in to see our range.