A new addition to our Wall of Fame.

1968 Holden HK Brougham






A customers 1969 Holden HK Brougham. Car has been in the family since new and is in original condition. The Brougham was basically a HK Premier with an extra 8 inches added to the length in the boot area (but retained the same wheelbase as the Premier).  It was powered by a 307 Chevrolet V8. A very scarce car as they only come out in the later half of 1968. Not many were sold as the Brougham faced very stiff competition from Ford’s Fairlane.
If you would like to see some more cool vehicles, check out our Wall of Fame by clicking this link.

How Town Proud are you?

Town Proud Absolute Batteries Toowoomba








Absolute Batteries Toowoomba is Proud of our Town and if you shop with us you could win $10 000 as part of the Town Proud competition. Make sure you get your entry form with every purchase of $5.00 or more for your chance to win! (Conditions Apply)

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Christmas value pack.

Panasonic Alkaline XMas Pack Absolute Batteries Toowoomba








Absolute Batteries Toowoomba is doing a Christmas value pack of Alkaline Batteries.

Our Christmas pack contains these Panasonic Alkaline Batteries:

  • 24 x AAA’s
  • 24 x AA’s
  •  4 x C’s
  •  4 x D’s
  •  2 x 9 volt

And these Panasonic Lithium Coin Cells:

  • 2 x CR2032

All for the Christmas special price of $59.00. (RRP $86.00)

Sick of throwing away AA’s?

Panasonic Eneloop AA 4 pack Absolute Batteries ToowoombaPanasonic Eneloop basic charger AA Absolute Batteries Toowoomba









Does it get on your nerves that you buy a AA alkaline and you only use it once before you throw it away? Eneloop rechargeable AA’s and AAA might be the batteries you need. Ideal for anything that uses alkaline batteries, these rechargeable NiMH have no memory effect (making them very easy to use) and can recharge up to 2100 times. They come pre-charged ready to go out of the packet and also can be used with separate adapters to make them fit in C and D cell applications (meaning one battery fits all). Eneloop rechargeable’s are perfect for things like kids toys, digital cameras, remote controls, portable gaming and handheld UHF radios or anything that uses alkaline batteries. If you’re sick of throwing away alkaline batteries, come and see Absolute Batteries Toowoomba for all your Eneloop rechargeable needs.

Risen from the fire in plasma blue.

900cc Vulcan custom 001 Absolute Batteries Toowoomba

900cc Vulcan custom 002 Absolute Batteries Toowoomba









This weeks addition to the Absolute Batteries Toowoomba wall of fame is less a couple of wheels than some of the other vehicles we have had in the past, but is no less cool. This eye catching Candy Plasma Blue custom Kawasaki Vulcan 900 is a worthy addition to the wall of fame. Named after the roman god of fire, this Vulcan is HOT. It’s distinctive low and fat stance draws the eye. When you hear this thing, your blood stirs and it draws out the petrol head in everyone. If you would like to know more about this awesome machine and see some specs (and an example of the original bike) visit it’s entry on our wall of fame though this link.