Easter Bunny can’t help you with batteries.










The Easter Bunny can’t help you with batteries, but Absolute Batteries Toowoomba can. Whether you need batteries for your camping, fishing or boating trip or just need one for the car. Absolute Batteries is the Easter destination before you go to your Easter destination.

For your (or maybe even the kids) entertainment you could also print out the above picture and colour away.

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Merry Christmas to all!







Merry Christmas to all and keep it safe with your festivities.

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A roar from the track with Lion Batteries.

Lion Batteries Racing Tradie Series Ute Ford AU XR6







Some great news from the past weekend with the Tradie Ute series that Lion Batteries competes in. The Lion Racing AU XR6 tradie ute performed well all weekend managing to qualify second on Saturday morning, and then winning race 1 after a hard battle clinching the win over the Commodores and other Fords. Race two was marred with some tyre issues but still managed to finish in third.

On the Sunday for races 3 & 4 were both completed in second place giving them 2nd overall for the round which was quite a solid result.

Next round is late October at QLD raceway and if you’re in the area come and check it out.




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Another visit from the 1960’s…

1966 Ford Fairlane GTA 390






The Ford Fairlane was meant to be the family car. But this 1966 GTA 390 Hardtop, with its back street racer looks, doesn’t seem to be designed to be the average family grocery getter. To check out other cars on our website, follow this link.

Bit of a Gee-up….







While a enthusiastic use of a g-clamp, it isn’t the sort of battery terminal clamp we normally like to see on a battery. Need some battery terminal clamps, cal ends and battery leads? Come see Absolute Batteries Toowoomba or give us a call.







Just a few of the options we have in store.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year






Absolute Batteries Toowoomba would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be open as usual throughout Christmas and New Years, except for public holidays. If you’re travelling on the roads please drive safe, and we will see you all in 2017!

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Please don’t try this at home.











There is nothing wrong with having a go yourself, but it is a very good idea to get expert advice if you’re not sure about what you’re doing. For those that don’t understand what is going on in photo, we have a positive lead (the red cable) tied to both the driveshaft (which rotates) and to the exhaust pipe (which gets HOT). If you’re looking at doing some repairs or modifications, you can get all the components and expert advice you’ll need at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba. We can even do the job for you if you don’t want to make catastrophic mistakes like our friend in the photo.