Don’t get caught with a flat phone! Redfuel Packs are the answer.

ReFuel 2600mAh Absolute Batteries Toowoomba small

Schumacher SL3 mobile phone battery backup Absolute Batteries Toowoomba








REDFUEL SL3 Fuel Packs are the perfect way to keep your phone or camera going when you need it most. The REDFUEL SL3 is a small,light and high capacity back up battery for your phone, camera, tablet or any other device that can be charged via a USB. Charge the REDFUEL up and keep it in your pocket, handbag or backpack ready to use when your device runs out of its own battery. Once used the REDFUEL can be recharged via any USB type charger to ready it for use again. Come into Absolute Batteries Toowoomba and see our range of REDFUEL backup batteries today.

Great Special!

Fullriver DC7-12 Battery








Great price on a top quality battery. Fullriver DC7-12 for $33.00 inc GST.

Ideal for:

  • Fish finder batteries
  • External battery for GPS units
  • 12v camping lights
  • Security Panels and Security Systems
  • Home Alarm backup batteries
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Batteries)
  • NBN power supply backup batteries
  • Small Spotlight batteries
  • Electric Bicycle batteries
  • Hobby electronics
  • Toys
  • Childrens Electric Cars

And many more….

Fold out Solar panels.

Thinking about going away this holiday season? Take a fold out solar panel with you to keep your fridge going!

Simple and effective, fold out solar panels have become the solution for camping or day trips throughout Australia. With travel fridges becoming very common in people’s travel plans, the ability to keep them running has become essential.  With the ability to keep a 50-60 liter fridge going, an 80 watt panel has become a cheap, easily transportable, and rugged solution to power generation.

These fold out panels are simple to use and operate and literally come ready to go out of the bag. Fold them out, face them north and clip it onto your deep cycle battery and it starts to work. They are best used from approximately  9am till about 3pm in the afternoon for maximum power generation. While they do come in a variety of sizes, the most popular ones are the 80 watt and 120 watt styles to suit your needs and Absolute Batteries Toowoomba stocks them in the reliable Projecta brand.

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