Dual battery system in a box.

Dual Battery System in a box with Fullriver DC120-12 Absolut Batteries ToowoombaFour Days power for a Waeco fridge via dual battery system in a box Absolute Batteries Toowoomba








This simple battery box contains all of the components for a self contained dual battery system. Connecting via a 50 amp Anderson Plug, it houses the voltage sensitive relay, merit and cigarette lighter sockets all with individually fused circuits. It is a Dual Battery System in a box. The system shown uses a VSR (Volatage Sensitive Relay) type isolator, with DC to DC charger models also made.  Designed for AGM batteries, it is ideal for all of your remote power needs and can be customized further to suit your setup. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give Absolute Batteries Toowoomba a call or drop into the store.

Time to test that Deep Cycle?

Century MarinePro, Interstate Marine & Deep Cycle, Deka, Motobatt








It’s getting warmer. The boats and jet skis are coming out and you want to get back on the water. Don’t take a chance on a battery that is not good enough, come and get it tested at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba. We carry all types of batteries for all types of water craft, whether it be for a Jet Ski, a speed boat, kayak or canoe, or the humble old tinny.  We also have Deep Cycle batteries for electric trolling motors (Minn-Kota, Watersnake etc.), navigation lights and fishfinders. Our brands are batteries that you know and trust, such as Century Marine Pro, the American made Interstate or Deka and Motobatt, just to name a few.

Great Special!

Fullriver DC7-12 Battery








Great price on a top quality battery. Fullriver DC7-12 for $33.00 inc GST.

Ideal for:

  • Fish finder batteries
  • External battery for GPS units
  • 12v camping lights
  • Security Panels and Security Systems
  • Home Alarm backup batteries
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Batteries)
  • NBN power supply backup batteries
  • Small Spotlight batteries
  • Electric Bicycle batteries
  • Hobby electronics
  • Toys
  • Childrens Electric Cars

And many more….

Just trying to make our Volkswagen a little greener…

140Watt Foldout Panel 001

140Watt Foldout Panel 002

140Watt Foldout Panel 003











NEW IN STOCK. A sturdy well built 140 watt fold out solar panel. Powerful whilst being compact and easy to stow, great for camping trips. Comes with rugged corner protectors, sturdy hinges and back stays complete with regulator, Anderson plug and Alligator Clips. This all packs away neatly into an well made carry bag/protective cover. This is a top quality fold out panel. For more information call Absolute Batteries Toowoomba.

Do you know how much current your Minn Kota draws?

Here at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba we decided we would do a video of a test out on the water and show what was drawn on an electric outboard motor on the average day at Cooby dam. As you can see, at full thrust you would have approximately 2 hours run time at best on a brand new 120 Ah deep cycle. Running the electric motor at a lower speed will increase your time on the water however.

The motor that we used is a Minn Kota Endura with 44 pounds thrust driving a flat bottom 13 ft tinny with three men and associated gear totaling approximately 350-400 kg’s. The conditions were also pretty windy as well!


Summer really isn’t the time you want a dead battery!

If you are going away or staying close to home this summer, the last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere in the baking heat after your battery has died. Be it out on holiday or at the local shops a dead battery can be a very uncomfortable inconvenience which can be simple to avoid. Bring your car or battery into us at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba and let us check it out before you go away or if the car has been hesitant to start. We have a number of tests we can run on your battery to see what state it is in before you leave on your holiday or just so it doesn’t hold you up before work.

Hot summer days are great when you can go places and cool off, but if you get stuck in your car because of a dead battery things can turn your summer sour very quickly. Don’t wait, just drop in to Absolute Batteries Toowoomba and let us check it out!