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The next stage of evolution for automotive batteries is here. Mixtech batteries solves one of the biggest problems plaguing wet lead-acid batteries. Acid stratification in a battery means that you do not get an even mix of electrolyte through each one of the cells. This can lead to lower performance and premature failure of your battery. Mixtech’s new battery design neatly solves that problem as well as offering plenty of power and a 3 year warranty. This also includes a 12 month warranty on any stop-start application across their range.

Want to know how it works? Check out these videos below or have a read of this PDF on Mixtech by following this link.

Great prices on Delkor AGM Stop-Start Batteries

Delkor S46B24R






A small compact AGM stop start battery suitable for Toyota Prius. Can also be used in R33 Skyline (with the battery mounted underneath the parcel shelf), drift cars and other race cars. Can be used in a vehicle where the battery has to be mounted laying down. This battery is sealed, and is built to handle extreme vibration and G’ loads, with plenty of grunt for the small size of the battery (235 Long, 140 Wide and 220 High). For a great price on this or any of the Delkor range, contact us at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba.

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Dual LiFe Batteries features and benefits:

  • High cranking power (CCA)
  • Excellent Deep Cycle ability and capacity
  • Built in Voltage/Charging indicator
  • Long life span including 3 year warranty
  • High power BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Minimal self discharge
  • Emergency backup start function (2 batteries in one, jump start with the push of a button)
  • Less than half the weight compared to same size conventional battery types.


Is your car feeling a bit crook in the mornings?

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Does your car have difficulty starting in these cold mornings? A crook battery can struggle to start a vehicle and with Winter here it is only going to get more difficult. If you are not sure about your battery, Absolute Batteries Toowoomba can test your battery for free before you and your car get caught out in the cold.

Electric Fence Batteries, Great Price.

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Great price on NS40ZL size battery (Lion 227) on special for $55.00 (inc GST). Suitable for solar electric fences, select models of small cars (Toyota, Subaru & Nissan), some ride on lawn mowers, small stationary engines and many other applications. Hurry, only available while stocks last at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba.

Cheap Car Battery?

Lion 2 series Absolute Batteries Toowoomba








Absolute Batteries Toowoomba does great deals on good quality batteries. You don’t have to buy a “cheap” battery anymore. Lion 2 series has an eighteen month warranty and are great value for money. Come in and see us and you will save money.

Fullriver Hardcore Batteries for high performance cars.

Fullriver Hardcore Batteries Absolute Batteries Toowoomba






Fullriver Hardcore AGM’s are ideal for anything with plenty of cubes under the bonnet. With Absorbed Glass Mat technology providing high cranking amps combined with cyclic capacity and low self discharge rate, Fullriver HC series batteries are ideal for your beast. These bullet proof batteries are perfect for show cars, drag cars, high performance vehicles, custom modified and automotive restoration projects.

These are just some of the benefits with Fullriver Hardcore batteries:

  • Protective steel casing with black powder-coat finish (with exeception to some models)
  • Non-spillable AGM – no corrosion
  • Safe for installation in race cars and motorsports applications
  • Can be mounted in any direction (excluding upside-down)
  • Low-profile sizes for limited space applications
  • Low self-discharge, less than 3% per month at 25C
  • Low resistance design – ideal for both starting and cycling
  • High-rate discharge – high current power delivery
  • Deep-discharge with excellent recovery – rapid recharge acceptance

Fullriver Hardcore batteries are available in a wide variety of standardized sizes and are in stock now at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba. Have any questions about Fullriver Hardcore? Drop into the store or give us a call.

It really works.

Fuchs Anticorit DFO







Want water dispersant that actually disperses water?

Do you want penetrating oil that actually penetrates?

Anti-corrosion that actually prevents corrosion?

This Fuchs Anticorit DFO is for you.

Fuchs Logo Absolute Batteries Toowoomba

Trojan Batteries for your golf cart.

Trojan Batteries lineup Absolute Batteries Toowoomba







Absolute Batteries Toowoomba now stocks a full range of Trojan deep cycle batteries in six, eight and twelve volt units. If you need a set of batteries for your golf cart, industrial floor polisher, walk behind forklift or even a solar system, give Absolute Batteries Toowoomba a call. We are the authorized Trojan dealer for Toowoomba and have access to a wide range of Trojan batteries to suit your needs. On our website we have some videos about the history of Trojan batteries and their manufactoring process, if you’d like to know more follow this link