Motobatt AGM Motorcycle Batteries.

Motobatt motorcycle batteries use the latest AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology to provide the motorcycle enthusiast with hassle free riding. Quadflex™ technology has 4 terminals (2+ and 2-) and, when necessary, includes spacers, enabling the battery to function in multiple applications. Motobatt batteries also include…

  • Absorbed Glass Mat technology – ensures greater protection against vibration and gives longer lifecycle
  • No initial charging – charged out of the box, just install and go
  • Maintenance free – no messy acid to worry about
  • 20% more cold cranking amps
  • Easy accessory connection with multi terminals
  • Can be used in boats and jet skis

Motobatt MBTX20UHDMotobatt MB18U Absolute Batteries Toowoomba


Deka AGM Batteries.

Deka AGM Batteries

You want a powerful battery. You need zero maintenance. You want American made quality, then you are looking for a Deka. Look no further, Absolute Batteries Toowoomba has them. For more information on Deka AGM batteries come and see Absolute Batteries Toowoomba and watch the video below.

Do you know how much current your Minn Kota draws?

Here at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba we decided we would do a video of a test out on the water and show what was drawn on an electric outboard motor on the average day at Cooby dam. As you can see, at full thrust you would have approximately 2 hours run time at best on a brand new 120 Ah deep cycle. Running the electric motor at a lower speed will increase your time on the water however.

The motor that we used is a Minn Kota Endura with 44 pounds thrust driving a flat bottom 13 ft tinny with three men and associated gear totaling approximately 350-400 kg’s. The conditions were also pretty windy as well!


Absolute Batteries Toowoomba, helping local sportspeople.

Here at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba we like to help people as much as we can, and this week we would like to tell you about young Ben Langton.

Ben is racing out at the speedway with the help of an Absolute Batteries Toowoomba AGM battery, and while he is a newcomer to the racing scene we have confidence he will be one to watch. If you’d like to know more about Ben and his race car, check it out here.

Absorbed Glass Mat deep cycle batteries.

If you’re heading out on the water or going camping or even just getting away from it all, you need a good battery you can rely on.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are a completely sealed, nonspillable battery that can be used in a variety of applications. Deep Cycle batteries like the Fullriver ones pictured are ideal for when you cannot run the risk of an acid spill or have them in a location where the gasses produced by a wet battery will be dangerous. With incredibly solid construction, they are very resistant to vibration and shock and with proper care they can have a very long service life and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Don’t forget our special on the Power AGM 130Ah deep cycles either! 130Ah 12v AGM for $350 including GST.

Have any questions about deep cycles or AGM batteries? Contact us here.

This special has ended on 1/1/2015.

130Ah AGM deep cycle special!

If you’re going away this summer and need a deep cycle battery, check these out!

130Ah AGM battery for $350 including GST!

These Power AGM deep cycles are 130Ah and are exceptionally rugged with full AGM construction and a 12 month warranty. Great for fishing, camping and small solar systems etc. If you have any questions give us a call at the store or come down and see us!

This special has ended on 1/1/2015.