Battery Chargers

 Do you need a powerful battery charger for your car battery or deep cycle battery? A truck battery charger for the biggest of batteries?



Projecta Battery Charger Car Truck Deep Cycle Motorbike Automatic Switch Mode

Projecta Battery chargers are a solid addition to any garage or workshop, small units that manage large workloads with no problems. Simple and effective to use, they’re suitable for any garage or workshop and all of them are selectable multi-amperage automatic units. One unit can charge bike batteries, car batteries and even 4wd and deep cycles and will turn itself off when complete and with the push of a single button will charge any Calcium, Absorbed Glass Mat, Gel or Lead-Acid battery.


Projecta Compact Series PP15 Solar Power Bank: $195.00 Inc GST






















Schumacher Battery Charger 6v 12v Car Truck Deep Cycle Automatic Switch Mode

Schumacher Battery Chargers are versatile and powerful, capable of both 6v and 12v in the same fully automatic battery charger that requires a minimum of fuss. American designed with switch mode technology, they have a charger suitable for multiple types of battery in the one unit no matter what the chemistry of the battery itself. From motorcycle batteries up to heavy machinery, a single Schumacher charger will get the job done while minimizing confusion with its easy to understand controls and simple LCD display. Schumacher Electric, Since 1947.