Narva’s awesome new driving lights.






These super powerful driving lights throw an incredible amount of light onto the road as well as the shoulders for an amazing distance. Built with 33 Cree LED’s per light in a rugged chassis that is both water and dust proof with a IP66 and 67 rating. If you would like to know more about these fantastically powerful lights, follow this link to a PDF. Or you can check out the photos below from the set we installed recently on Garry’s (valued customer) 2016 Landcruiser. Garry has not stopped talking about how good these lights are.








The above photos were taken by Garry with his phone. And below for a comparison, the standard headlights on high beam.

A hub of power for all your camping needs.








Need one battery box to do it all? The new Power-Hub from Projecta has all the connections you could hope for in one rugged box which is built to last. Power-Hub will accept up to a 105 AH battery (N70ZZ size) and has lots of sockets and features including:

  • Two Accessory (Cigarette lighter) sockets
  • Two Merit plug sockets
  • Two USB connections
  • Engel socket
  • 50 Amp Anderson plug
  • 300w pure sine wave inverter for 240 volt power
  • Brass studs for 12v  DC terminals suitable for electric trolling motors on boats, as well as connecting your battery charger to recharge the battery.
  • LCD screen with smart battery gauge

To fill the Power-Hub void in your life, come down and see us at Absolute Batteries Toowoomba.

Battery boxes custom built for you.








Getting ready to head away? These battery boxes are custom designed to suit your needs with multiple options including different sockets, voltage readouts and connections.  We even make models which are self contained dual battery systems in a box with VSR’s (Voltage Sensitive Relays) or DC to DC chargers. If you are looking for a battery box for the next time you go on holiday come and see Absolute Batteries Toowoomba and we can help you with what you need.